Łukasz Orbitowski


About a religious ‘miracle’ in Communist Poland

Małgorzata Rejmer

Mud Sweeter than Honey

Vivid and powerful picture of the communist regime in Albania – by an acclaimed young reportage writer who gives a voice to the ones who had been denied their own

Rafał Wojasiński


Stories full of suppressed emotion, about people who find themselves beyond the main current of contemporary life

Artur Grabowski

Am (A Diary from the Other Side)

A European intellectual on the road through America, dealing with the midlife crisis. Debut novel by an acclaimed playwright and poet

Wojciech Kudyba


Inhabitants of a block of flats are unable to adapt themselves to the swift pace of economic transformation

Włodzimierz Bolecki

Chack. The Gamblers

A talented and depraved wins (and easily squanders) a fortune at cards, while mingling in the most privileged circles

Jerzy Liebert

Collected Poems

Liebert’s legacy reflects the dilemmas of a generation which was to create Poland anew

Karol Wojtyła

Literary and Theatrical Works. Volume I: Juvenilia

The early literary works of Pope John Paul II – a valuable testimony to the transformations occurring in him during this period of his life

Wojciech Zembaty

The Hungry Sun

Set in an alternate world where Spaniards never conquered the Americas


Wojciech Chmielarz

Den of Vipers

A succesful combination of social drama and psychological thriller adapted into a Canal+ TV series

Bogdan Musiał

Who would help the Jew…

Without Polish help, it would not have been possible for any of them to survive

Michał Wójcik

Baroness. On the Trail of Wanda Kronenberg

The story of a shockingly beautiful and dangerous secret agent

Milena Kindziuk

Jerzy Popiełuszko. A Biography

Popiełuszko’s death suffered at the hands of Communist Security Service remains a mystery to this day

Joanna Siedlecka

Poetry Man

The life of an individual enmeshed in history

Krzysztof Tyszka-Drozdowski

Zouaves of the vacuum

A splendidly received and widely commented debut of a young historian of ideas

Jarosław Marek Rymkiewicz

Adam Mickiewicz Rides off on a Yellow Bike

This is the sixth volume of the series entitled ’As the fabled cranes’, dedicated to the life and works of the great Polish bard Adam Mickiewicz.

Marek Bieńczyk


In Container, his most personal and perhaps most splendid book, Marek Bieńczyk arrives at literary perfection; both when he is writing about Canetti, Faulkner, and Camus, and when he mentions his loved ones by name — for the author has poured into his ‘container’ everything that is most dear to him.

Jacek Dukaj

The Twilight of the Written Word

Jacek Dukaj’s new book is an intellectual journey through the most fascinating issues of contemporary civilisation — unto its very sunset, and that of man as well.

Olga Drenda

Products. Ingenuity around Us

Concrete mushrooms in the front yard, swans made out of tyres, knights and dinosaurs of nuts and bolts, religious notions and knick-knacks — what for some people is the nadir of bad taste and kitsch, constitutes for Olga Drenda fascinating material for a study on Polish ingenuity.

Andrzej Szczerski

Transformation. Art in East-Central Europe after 1989

Szczerski’s book presents the art of the times of transformation; i.e., that created in the nations of East-Central Europe, from the Baltic to the Balkans, following the events of 1989.

Michał Łuczewski

Moral Capital. Historical Politics in the Late Modern Period

Drawing from truly impressive wellsprings of erudition, Łuczewski delves into theory from several areas; for example, studies on mass memory, or mass social movements.

Wojciech Roszkowski

The Shattered Mirror — the Fall of Western Civilisation

In his book, prominent scholar and writer Wojciech Roszkowski offers a deep accounting of our civilisation

Leszek Elektorowicz

The Path to the Kingdom

A wonderful testament to the power and vitality of metaphysical poetry

Adrian Sinkowski


Writing down irretrievably lost memories from childhood allows one to come to terms with loss

Szymon Babuchowski

How Far

In a search for meaning in a world plagued by emptiness

Lech Majewski


Majewski is fascinated by the world of art, painting and symbols

Weronika Murek

Feinweinblein. Plays

Well-crafted social and historical anecdotes, amusing and disturbing at the same time, are imbued with metaphysical angst by one of the most promising young Polish authors

Agnieszka Świętek


One of Poland’s greatest stories told in this medium

Stanisław Szukalski

Szukalski. Album

More than a catalogue and more than a biography or an academic study – much as Szukalski was more than an artist

Barbara Klicka


A female, contemporary ‘sanatorium novel’ drawing on The Magic Mountain

Jakub Małecki

Nobody’s Coming

Małecki doesn’t force the reader to get emotional while allowing for it

Szczepan Twardoch

The Kingdom

The reality Twardoch has created is a vortex of dark urges, a world full of violence and cruelty

Wiesław Helak

On the River Zbruch

In Helak’s novel, the Borderlands becomes an emanation of Polish identity

Maria Wilczek-Krupa

Górecki. A Stubborn Genius

Górecki’s Symphony of Sorrowful Songs passed Sting, Madonna and Nirvana in British and American music charts

Marcin Wicha

Things I Didn’t Throw Out

A one of a kind meditation on the loss of loved ones

Anna Kańtoch


The fictional Rokitnica is a closed microcosm, to which strangers are not allowed

Rafał Kosik


Wake-up call against uncritical trust in technology

Marek Nowakowski

Prince of the Night. The Best Short Stories

Beneath the surface of everyday life

Paweł Sołtys


Micro-stories about a city inhaled like nicotine or a narcotic

Dorota Masłowska

Other People

An epic rooted in the intuition and rhythm of hip-hop

Wiesław Myśliwski

The Needle’s Eye

A new novel by the master of Polish prose

Martyna Bunda


A picture of true closeness – that between women

Olga Tokarczuk

Tales of the Bizarre

A new book by one of the most acclaimed and popular Polish writers

Various authors

Worlds Apart

The authors invited to contribute to Worlds Apart represent the Polish cream of the crop

Mariola Kruszewska

Cherries Will Grow Wild

Captivating short story collection that reads like a novel

Waldemar Bawołek

Echo of the Sun

A mismatched couple, connected by a shared fate, a blood bond, a pension

Zyta Rudzka

A Brief Exchange of Fire

The story of unextinguished, belated desire

Marek Oleksicki, Tobiasz Piątkowski

Bradl Vol. 1-3

Members of the Polish resistance clash with Nazis in the noir style

Wojciech Tomczyk


Tomczyk draws from Polish history, but always bears in mind the problems of today

Urszula Zajączkowska


Poems that disrupt our sense of comfortable wellbeing

Marzanna Bogumiła Kielar


Are we drifting or navigating?

Jarosław Marek Rymkiewicz

Metempsychosis. The Second Volume of Octastichs

Poetry courageous in its directness, essential due to the gravity of its themes

Ks. Robert Skrzypczak

A Love Worthy of a Ring

How to build a marriage that lasts a lifetime

Bronisław Wildstein

On Culture and Revolution

To understand the turnabout that has taken place in Poland, you must read Wildstein

Marek A. Cichocki

North and South. Essays on Polish Culture and History

Poles should go back to defining themselves along the North-South axis

Monika Piątkowska

Prus. A Biographical Investigation

Combining a detective’s temperament with a psychologist’s insight, Monika Piątkowska undertakes a meticulous investigation and creates a life-sized portrait of Bolesław Prus (1847-1912)

Monika Śliwińska

Wyspiański. While There is Life

From archives, family documents, letters and diaries, Monika Śliwińska constructs a portrait of the little-known private life of Stanisław Wyspiański (1869-1907)

Anna Bikont

Sendler. In Hiding

The main character of Bikont’s work, Irena Sendler, saved hundreds of Jewish children during the Second World War, and became a symbol of all those who had courage to oppose evil

Magdalena Grzebałkowska

Komeda. A Personal Life of Jazz

To learn the truth about one of the greatest Polish musicians, whose Rosemary’s Baby lullaby was hummed by the whole world, Magdalena Grzebałkowska visits, among others, Scandinavia, Russia and the United States

Wojciech Orliński

Lem. Not of This World

This is the first Polish biography of Stanisław Lem, author of science-fiction novels and one of the most translated Polish writers

Klementyna Suchanow

Gombrowicz. Me, A Genius

This is the first full biography of a writer whose life and work continues to fascinate each new generation

Andrzej Franaszek

Herbert. A Biography

Andrzej Franaszek’s monumental biography of Zbigniew Herbert, one of the greatest Polish contemporary poets, is an engaging story about the fate and attitude of the artist.

Natalia Budzyńska

Brother Albert. A biography

A saint who walked in sandals and slept under the same roof as villains, drunks and whores

Anna Kamińska

Wanda, A Tale of Life and Death: The Story of Wanda Rutkiewicz

The story of the first woman to ascend K2

Marian Sworzeń

Black Icon. Belomor

One of the most important Polish books on communism and Russia in recent years

Aleksandra Wójcik, Maciej Zdziarski

Goodnight, Auschwitz

Touching, original stories of five concentration camp survivors

Józef Łobodowski

Ukrainian Trilogy: Thickets, The Settlement, The Way Back

By an eulogist of Ukraine, fascinated by the East

Piotr Zaremba


From heroism to betrayal – a passionate story about people in post-war Poland

Wacław Holewiński

Pogrom 1905

Holewiński makes human sexuality the key to the epoch he describes

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