Łukasz Kozak

Upiór: A Natural History

A masterful work on the upiórs – the primeval Slavic vampires who have haunted Polish literature and history for centuries

Aleksandra Lipczak

Lajla means Night

A journey through the land known as Al-Andalus, the Spain of Islam, but also of Judaism and Christianity

Jacek Dukaj

Empire of the Clouds

A breathtaking story inspired by Japanese culture and one of the most beloved Polish classics – The Doll by Bolesław Prus

Wit Szostak

Others’ Words

A story about the fundamental unknowability of the world and of other people

Hanna Krall

The Synapses of Maria H.

A story about the bridges that connect the recollection of past events with the perception of current experience

Anna Kańtoch

Spring of the Missing & Summer of the Lost

A precisely constructed plot linked not so much by crime as by
psychological sensitivity

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