Kazimierz Orłoś

The Return

What, really, is life? Where does it lead?

Rafał Wojasiński


What is the goal of this pilgrimage of meaning?

Antonina Grzegorzewska

Iphigenia and Other Dramas

A poetic language, full of metaphors and allusions to the outstanding movements of the twentieth-century avantgarde

Józef Mackiewicz

The Colonel Myasoedov Affair

War prose by one of the most outstanding Polish writers of the 20th century

Tobiasz Piątkowski, Marek Oleksicki

Agency “Rygor”: The Guests of Hotel Arago

Every room hides a secret

Beniamin Czapla

Antoni Patek: A Watchmaker to Kings

The first full biography of Antoni Patek

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