Marcel Woźniak

Tyrmand. The Writer with the White Eyes

Tyrmand emerges as the spirit of freedom

Milena Kindziuk

Emilia and Karol Wojtyła. John Paul II’s Parents

A biography written with the dogged inquisitiveness of a detective

Waldemar Bawołek

The Dead

Bawołek’s beautiful way with language is a delight

Andrzej Nowak

Defeat of the Evil Empire. The Year 1920

What would the world look like if Poland had not won that war?

Julia Fiedorczuk

Under the Sun

Fiedorczuk touches the agony of war, destruction, poverty, the concealment of identity, and the loss of sanity

Jakub Szamałek

The Hidden Web

A breath of fresh air in a genre that so easily slips into cliché

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