“Pucio umie opowiadać” in Croatian

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“Zagubiona dusza” by Tokarczuk and Concejo in Danish

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Spanish translation of Justyna Bednarek

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Ksawery Pruszyński’s “W czerwonej Hiszpanii” in French

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First round of submissions for the ©POLAND Translation Programme in 2021
Class divisions and economic violence in legendary world
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Full-blooded novel with a generous helping of 20th-century history of Silesia

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Wacław Holewiński

born in Warsaw in 1956, graduate of Law at the University of Warsaw, prose writer, playwright, literary critic, publisher, editor. From the 1970s to the 1980s, he was active in the anti-communist opposition.

From 1977, he was a collaborator of the Independent Publishing House, and from 1978 until the declaration of martial law, he managed the Independent Publishing Cooperative I. From March 1981, he was an employee of the National Coordination Committee of the Independent Students’ Union. From January to August 1982, he was interned. In December 1982, together with Jarosław Markiewicz, he founded “Przedświt”, one of the most important underground publishing houses of the 1980s. In May 1984, he was arrested; he was released by virtue of amnesty in August the same year. After 1989 (until 2001), he continued the activity of “Przedświt” publishing house. In 1995, in a gesture of protest, he resigned from work at the Warsaw prosecutor’s office.


Jerzy Liebert
Collected Poems

Liebert’s legacy reflects the dilemmas of a generation which was to create Poland anew

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