Daniel Odija

Empty Flight

An excellent analysis of mental illness along with its obsessions

Bronisław Wildstein

The Lion and the Comedians

Politics and passion in a new book by a brilliant intellectual

Józef Mackiewicz

The Road to Nowhere

Critics have placed The Road to Nowhere together with novels concerned with the totalitarian experience, such as those by Orwell or Solzhenitsyn

Józef Mackiewicz

The Rojsty Rebellion

Great predecessor of the post-war school of Polish reportage

Agnieszka Gajewska

Stanisław Lem: Exiled from the High Castle

Decrypting the master

Adam Robiński

Palaces on the Water: On the Trail of Polish Beavers

The ecosystem of which humans are also a part is hugely valuable to us, but requires care too

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