Ks. Robert Skrzypczak

A Love Worthy of a Ring

How to build a marriage that lasts a lifetime

Bronisław Wildstein

On Culture and Revolution

To understand the turnabout that has taken place in Poland, you must read Wildstein

Marek A. Cichocki

North and South. Essays on Polish Culture and History

Poles should go back to defining themselves along the North-South axis

Natalia Budzyńska

Brother Albert. A biography

A saint who walked in sandals and slept under the same roof as villains, drunks and whores

Anna Kamińska

Wanda, A Tale of Life and Death: The Story of Wanda Rutkiewicz

The story of the first woman to ascend K2

Marian Sworzeń

Black Icon. Belomor

One of the most important Polish books on communism and Russia in recent years

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