Stańko’s ”Desperado. Autobiografia” published in the UK
Kosik in Serbian

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“Bunt i afirmacja. Esej o naszych czasach”
by Bronisław Wildstein in Romanian
“Kajtuś Czarodziej” by Korczak in Macedonian

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Albanian translation of Herbert’s “Król mrówek”

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A journey through the land known as Al-Andalus, the Spain of Islam, but also of Judaism and Christianity

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A breathtaking story inspired by Japanese culture and one of the most beloved Polish classics – The Doll by Bolesław Prus

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Author of the month

Maciej Płaza

(born 1976) – prose writer and translator with a doctoral degree in humanities.

Author of a book about Stanisław Lem, a winner of the 2012 award granted by “Literatura na Świecie” magazine for his translation of H.P. Lovecraft’s short stories. His debut volume of short stories Skoruń (“Scallywag”, W.A.B. 2015) won him the 2016 Gdynia Literary Award and the 2016 Koscielski Foundation Award. The book was also in the final of the 2016 NIKE Award and was nominated for the Gombrowicz Award. His novel Robinson w Bolechowie (“Robinson in Bolechów”, W.A.B. 2017) was awarded the 2018 Angelus Central European Literary Award.


Stanisław Rembek
Collected Works

War prose by one of the most outstanding Polish writers of the 20th century

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