Łukasz Orbitowski


About a religious ‘miracle’ in Communist Poland

Małgorzata Rejmer

Mud Sweeter than Honey

Vivid and powerful picture of the communist regime in Albania – by an acclaimed young reportage writer who gives a voice to the ones who had been denied their own

Rafał Wojasiński


Stories full of suppressed emotion, about people who find themselves beyond the main current of contemporary life

Artur Grabowski

Am (A Diary from the Other Side)

A European intellectual on the road through America, dealing with the midlife crisis. Debut novel by an acclaimed playwright and poet

Wojciech Kudyba


Inhabitants of a block of flats are unable to adapt themselves to the swift pace of economic transformation

Włodzimierz Bolecki

Chack. The Gamblers

A talented and depraved wins (and easily squanders) a fortune at cards, while mingling in the most privileged circles

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